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How to select a preschool for your child?

As your child starts to get to the preschool age, the question is ever present- how to select a preschool for your child? There are multiple options, especially in bigger cities, but how do you decide which school your child should go to?
Here are a few pointers for evaluating a preschool-

1. When you enter a preschool, evaluate if the school feels warm and welcoming. If you don’t feel that your child will feel comfortable there, chances are s(he) won’t.

2. Ask the preschool what their philosophy is and what they believe is really important to the children. If there’s no philosophy or the philosophy is not aligned with what you want for your child, that’s a red flag.

3. Introspect if you can really see the philosophy being implemented. Would the preschool be able to act on their philosophy on a day to day basis? Ideally, you should evaluate this when the preschool is full of kids, and not when the preschool is empty.

4. Look at the interactions between the teachers and the kids. Do the teachers seem engaging and respectful? Does everyone look like they are having fun? Or do they look like they just want to go home as soon as the school gets over?

5. Are the children engaged? Or are they just wandering around and looking for something for more interesting to do?
Pick the school which fulfills most of your criteria.

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