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About Us

Glo is a chain of preschools which focus on equipping kids for their lives ahead. We reimagine the purpose of preschool and deconstruct every activity for its relevance. We start things from the first principle and as we go further, we make sure that we learn from others as well. Starting from the first principle enables us to deeply examine the linked science. For example, while wondering if we could use a child’s mother tongue to make her more comfortable, we realized that language learning is important in preschool years because according to neuroscience, our brains are most receptive to language learning in the preschool age.

Our Story

The founding team members Rahil and Tirth attended the country’s most premium educational institutes (IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Kanpur, NIT Trichy).

They wanted to make sure that the best opportunities are available for kids across the nation. Since both of them are engineers, they understand both the utility of tech and the revolution it is going to unfold very well, which they leverage for making their schools world class

They spent a lot of time studying the best schools across the globe and with detailed research, formulated structures for best practices. The curriculum they have designed is directed towards preparing kids for success in the world they will face.

Our mission


GLO Schools provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment which promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth in kids. Our goal is to enable learners to construct their own meaning, to have a strong sense of identity, and to be creative, resilient, and inquiry driven citizens.


We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

Rahil Sheikh

IIM Ahmedabad
IIT Kanpur

Tirth Raj Bhutoria

NIT Trichy
Teach for India

Parnika Bhatia

Curriculum Consultant
Harvard University

Himanshu Gupta

Head of Space Design
IIT Kanpur

Our Values

Glo Scholars are honest in communication, behavior and promises. They treat themselves and others with respect and dignity and are active citizens in their peer group, families and country.
Glo scholars demonstrate grit when faced with challenges, achieve their academic goals and are intellectually curious and possess a genuine love for learning

  • Honesty
  • Equality
  • Service
  • Perseverance
  • Excellence

Awards & Recognition