0.3 Month - 2 Years Old

Talking is the next milestone of which parents are typically aware. A toddler’s first word most often occurs around 12 months, but again this is only an average. The child will then continue to steadily add to his or her vocabulary until around the age of 18 months when language increases rapidly (7–9 new words a day).

Infant care


Skills That Children Will Learn

Children learn about their world through the use of their senses.  In our Kids Care Program, classroom activities that focus on discovery and exploration will facilitate just that kind of learning.

  • Social Skills
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Communication
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills

Curriculum for babies

Infant Program Details

Our curriculum is designed to help your child gain self confidence and self esteem. It enhances children’s social, language, emotional and physical skills which also encourages children to develop with the staff’s help by extending their learning.

At the ages of 3 and under, children have enormous potential to acquire language skills. On top of that, they also have huge potential to learn non-verbal social cues . Interacting with peers at this age enables infants and toddlers to learn empathy.

Infants are highly creative as their senses are highly active. Unlike adults, they haven’t learned to ignore irrelevant stimuli. At this age, letting them play with colours, encouraging them to use their fingers to paint, exposing them to musical instruments, singing, imitating sounds around them enables them to build on their innate creativity.

The whole world is new to the infants and they are trying to make sense of their surroundings using all their senses. New events help them expedite their learning by building a huge reservoir of experiences which they can relate their new upcoming experiences. At Glo, we let children explore the world through simple and fun obstacle courses, musical experiences, games with adults, like “who’s under the blanket”, and a plethora of different materials and textures like sand, carpet, glass, water- warm and cold, and soft toys.