Life Skills in Preschool

Preschool is a crucial place where children learn the social skills needed to function in life. Your kid’s preschool needs to focus on teaching her/him the important values needed to make them good human beings.

1. Sharing

A lot of single children today do not know how to share their stuff with their friends. Hence, the preschool needs to teach them the virtues of sharing and encourage them to share. Also, when a child spills their lunch, other children should be encouraged to share their food with their classmate.


2. Patience

At Preschool, certain toys should be kept in limited quantities, so that the solution to the issue of 2 children wanting the same toy isn’t to provide each of them one, but to teach them the important value of patience, by waiting for their turns.


3. Rewards and Consequences

Children need to learn from a very young age that their actions have consequences. This message can be imparted by withholding rewards from the kids. Hitting them or shouting at them shows them it’s okay for them to hit or shout when things don’t go their way.

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